Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Tarot Reading Experience

Tarot as mostly believed to be a tool , where the reader is nothing but a messenger who conveys the Tarot's message.But over the time I came to realise that its much more than a tool which you use when you feel like and don't when you don't.
I have noticed whenever I am in low point of my life, one of my friends or my sis or someone out of the blue contacts me for a reading.To be true to the art I undergo the cleansing process and re-charge the Tarot , clear my emotions so that I can do a true reading.This way I too get re-charged and it gives me a sense of importance that I am useful.
There are loads of people in better or worse situation than I am now for sure , but when I reach those people specially strangers and support them even a bit , I feel accomplished.
Thank you GOD , am glad to be of service!

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