Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's Your Raashee 2015 part 3 of 3 (01 - 01 - 2015)

Checkout forecast for Libra -Capricorn in 2015,
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What's Your Raashee 2015 part 2 of 3 (01 - 01 - 2015)

Checkout forecast for Libra -Capricorn in 2015,
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You can also checkout 2014 predictions here
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What's Your Raashee 2015 part 1 of 3 (01- 01- 2015)

YAY! Today LIVE show video out, check whats in store for you in 2015 for your Sun Sign -Aries to Leo 
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tarot Spells on Eve of Guru Poornima @ 21st July 2013

I had the most amazing experience yesterday on the eve of Guru Poornima. My day started late and was anticipating the evening's "Tarot Spell" event. I had a couple of clients who had signed up for it but as it was raining since morning and there were traffic jams everywhere I doubted who all will actually turn up.

The event was suppose to start at 7:30pm and at 5:30pm I realised I didn't have "Lavender Oil" required ingredient in one of the spell. I had a quick tea and toast, went outside to catch an auto to the store. I waited for 45 min in rain on roadside to catch an auto. Somehow got one, paid him extra and he dropped me on half way :-(. I was so anxious that I forgot to ask help from Angels. Called a friend cribbing about my situation who reminded that I can pray; yes it happens to me too. Said one small prayer, somehow reached the store, grabbed some candles along with the oil and reached home back by 7:30.

Until 8:30pm no one turned up and I was doubted anyone actually would. Within next 20 mins all the four clients turned up, huffing and puffing and drenched in rain. Good thing I had prepared some extra tea and they were very glad to have it.

Prepping up each client, creating the intentions, setting up the altar and doing the spell takes 30-45 min approximately, and they all waited for their turns very patiently. Everything went smooth and continued till 11:30 pm. ( Yay I could channel for so long )

Oh it didn't end then. After that was turn of my roommate, her cousin and myself. I took a break and by the time I could get time to meditate myself it was 4am.

It was very energetic and fulfilling experience for me. :-)

PS: Some of the pics of the event are above, few clients were shy to pose :-)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Mom's Old Painting

Some of my Mom's old paintings made by her before marriage at her parents house.

Saturn changes, time to resolve childhood issues

Continued from my earlier post which you can read here : I am not a Superhuman, just a little evolved
July 2013 Saturn position changed and brought many upheavals in my life. My negotiations started to change in last discussion stages, got me hospitalised, so many financial shocks and what not! :-). Its like knowing the bull will hit you, you are expecting and anticipating the hit, but until you are hit you do not know how bad is it.
So this is what actually happened, I was quite upset on Saturday not sure of what's next and to relax myself I did some painting. Here's my creation :
Its still under progress as you can see. When I shared the same with my dear friend, who was not able to control himself to criticize it and inspite of me trying to act not react things became sour. So on Sunday I evening after my classes I went to Hyderabad lake- Hussain Sagar, had some "Me" time, updated on Facebook "Cherishing bhutta and drizzle at Hussain Sagar, alone and not missing anyone".
Now how is that related to falling sick and getting hospitalised? I missed mentioning "Ice- cream". My parents were pretty protective about me having street food and ice-creams during rains, and I thought I am single independent upset women I can do what I want and have ice cream. Violla - woke up the next day ( Monday 8th July ) with high feversore throat and back pain. Immediately took out my self medication weapons to fight it, hot water with salt gargles, Vitamin C and long sleep which got converted to deep sleep. No I was not in trance, I couldn't get up from the bed due to weakness. I endured it for another day and Tuesday evening went to the hospital with a friend and crashed.
Now, what patterns were to break and what Saturn was trying to teach me by choking my favourite "Throat Chakra" ? Doctors were shocked to see "Acute Tonsillitis" at my age!! ( Lets blame the ice cream )
As mentioned July 2013 is all about resolving childhood issues and I have a bad sleep-awake cycle, which I proudly announce as being "nocturnal", that just the way I am. I can easily stay awake the whole night, and that is what I have done past 1 month. I love the silence at night, the noise of the fan, sound of the ticking clock, and the howling of the street dog; perfect setup to study. But unfortunately it doesn't sync with Nature and I have to change it.
When I read Sarah Varcas also saying the same, I was assured of what was happening was for good. See what she says
Change willingly than wait for a Saturn's whip to change you! Look into your life and notice any such similar experiences this month. Do share with us and check if you need any remedies to resolve them.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am not a Superhuman just a little evolved

Whenever anything bad happens in my family everyone starts questioning and pestering my Mom " Did you see this coming?" Did you know this would be so bad?". Recently when I was suffering from high fever, dehydration, throat infection and taken in for hospitalization my mom was so tensed. When I spoke to her I said Saturn changed on 8th July  and its here to break some more patterns, high fever is better than something severe, and my mom smiled ( I could see that over the phone too :p ) and signed.
Recently my roommate mentioned that whenever she tells her friend that I am a Tarot Reader, excited and inquisitive they start asking about my behaviour, how powerful I am or how different I am" . To which she replies " she is as normal as us"
I loved a comment by one of her friend - "Lucky man, her life is so easy she can foresee things and plan everything accordingly" ! Is it?? Yes, we do foresee and sense things beforehand which can help to plan things but if you start doing that always then wouldn't your life be more calculative? Where would be the fun? Fun is in getting surprised by the life and embracing it. And the Power is the strength of doing that continuously.
I do not have super powers, the power I do have is the understanding and acceptance of The Super Power and how it is omnipresent and available to all of us to harness. The belief in the will power and how we all can manifest our desires and create our life. This is what I believe in and this is what I try to share with everybody.
One more thing when I knew Saturn changes effect can be severe on my health and chances to spend money on medicines is most likely, I got myself admitted, had a nice stay at the hospital on the expense of insurance ;-)
Watch out for my next post where I share the nasty details of what exactly happened and how hospitals can help you heal even when you are surrounded by gazillions bacterias and sad faces!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Angel University: How Can the Angels of Abundance Help You?

Angel University: How Can the Angels of Abundance Help You?: The primary reason that God and the Angels of Abundance are so willing to help us manifest abundance, something that is by definition a mort...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tarot Spell FAQ

Spells ~ Magic ~ Witches, you think of one thing and correlate with other too along with a image of big black cauldron with boiling oil and a lady with long hair putting some herbs in it on a special moon night and casting spells.
But I would disappoint you when I say Spell are another form of meditation.Here are some FAQ about Tarot Spells.
What are Tarot Spells? 
I consider them as a rituals which help you to focus on what you want, release want is needed and manifest your desires.
How can we do them ?
Tarot Spells would have few basic ingredients like Candles , Oils , Tarot Cards, Crystals
and other special ingredients based on what spell is it.
What all Spells can be done ?
From famous Love Spell ( attract love , not force anyone to love you :-)), to spells for resolving disputes,
attracting opportunities, passing interview, performing better in exams, self empowerment ,self protection
and many more.
When can we do them ?
Mostly moon cycle is followed for doing them like Full Moon night , Ekadashi's etc.
Can anybody do them ?
Yes , only you should be open towards it and really ready to accept divine help and guidance.
What if something happen during the spell ?
Things like candle dropping etc might happen during the ritual. Do not worry that might be an indication that time is not now for manifestation of your desires and symbolically represent
approaching henderences. We can repeat the spell 3 times , but if it fails repeatedly its better to
quit. At that time you would get clear messages of why it happened and what to expect next.
When can we expect the results of the spell ?
It takes upto 3-21 days for results to be visible. Sometimes, things might go in opposite manner indicating
that whatever was hidden from you has been surfaced in order to give you clarity 
NOTE: This Friday 21-06-2013 and Sunday 23-06-2013 are very good days for performing spells. In case you are interested please contact me at 9985714012 or email at
PS: I do not promote or help anyone in casting spells on other people as we should not work against anyone's will. Also I can not help you in doing any sorts of dark or black magic.

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