Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tarot Spells on Eve of Guru Poornima @ 21st July 2013

I had the most amazing experience yesterday on the eve of Guru Poornima. My day started late and was anticipating the evening's "Tarot Spell" event. I had a couple of clients who had signed up for it but as it was raining since morning and there were traffic jams everywhere I doubted who all will actually turn up.

The event was suppose to start at 7:30pm and at 5:30pm I realised I didn't have "Lavender Oil" required ingredient in one of the spell. I had a quick tea and toast, went outside to catch an auto to the store. I waited for 45 min in rain on roadside to catch an auto. Somehow got one, paid him extra and he dropped me on half way :-(. I was so anxious that I forgot to ask help from Angels. Called a friend cribbing about my situation who reminded that I can pray; yes it happens to me too. Said one small prayer, somehow reached the store, grabbed some candles along with the oil and reached home back by 7:30.

Until 8:30pm no one turned up and I was doubted anyone actually would. Within next 20 mins all the four clients turned up, huffing and puffing and drenched in rain. Good thing I had prepared some extra tea and they were very glad to have it.

Prepping up each client, creating the intentions, setting up the altar and doing the spell takes 30-45 min approximately, and they all waited for their turns very patiently. Everything went smooth and continued till 11:30 pm. ( Yay I could channel for so long )

Oh it didn't end then. After that was turn of my roommate, her cousin and myself. I took a break and by the time I could get time to meditate myself it was 4am.

It was very energetic and fulfilling experience for me. :-)

PS: Some of the pics of the event are above, few clients were shy to pose :-)

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