Tarot Reading @ Events

When one thinks about Tarot Reading at events one think of a old women , with open white hair , big eyes, dressed in long robe have crystal ball, candles in a mystic looking tent with a board saying 10 bucks for each question.
Very close to that only that I am not that old , no white hair and I don't have a crystal gazing ball yet.
Recently I have done few events like parties , marriage functions, get together and all. Earlier I use to think how
can I do accurate reading when so many people are there with different auras. I think I have learned the trick now
, how to talk on top of my voice to be audible in presence of the loud music, how to clear and tune cards. Its fun
to meet so many people. Its fast and quick , precise questions and answers. One can do a great socio-physco
analysis at such places too.
Contact me at 91-9985714012 if you want me to help you to add the cosmic charm to your event.

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