Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Full Moon Eclipse 25th April 2013 in Scorpio

So it Full Moon or Purnamashi Lunar Eclipse or ,Chandra Ghrahan tonight ( 25th April 2013 ) and I can't sleep.

Restless, anxious, confused, irritated,agitated.... my mind is working overtime...it seems like Moon has its full effects on me. I got to know about the eclipse this evening and did not get time to study its astrological significance.

Nevertheless eclipse are always good time to meditate to keep the upheaval of emotions at bay. So light a candle, say some mantras and try to sleep.

I am going to lie down and try to watch my breath. Its one of the Yoga technique my Yoga trainer taught me which assures sleep. So they say about reading book also which doesn't seem to help much tonight. :(

How are you feeling tonight ? Do you believe in your moods effected by some space body millions of miles away?

I have noticed it hence believe in it now...what about you? Is any one out there with similar experiences...I am longing to know.

Do share, like, post questions and comments.

Picture courtesy my dear friend Hemath

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