Radio show on Tarot Reading @ All India Radio

13th though often considered generally as inauspicious but it was quite memorable for me. All excited and anxious about the radio show …what would happen and yes, I did do Tarot for myself for the show and all seemed to be too good to be true! Skeptical me :-)
Made to the venue on time, met the wonderful show anchor and show started off. Great response of about 10 people within an hours’ time and believe me it was appalling .So many people of such different background and age but all interested to know about the same questions related to … love, career and money .
The most interesting was the person who had just met a girl recently for marriage alliance and wanted to know is she the one. The host looked at me with opened eyes and I just signaled her to calm down and very politely I told him lets address at another aspect of the question that how would be their relationship and what can it bring into his life.
This actually brings up to most vital question, what can Tarot tell you?
Can this question be actually answered?
I will answer all about it in my next post and also the basic questions about the Tarot.
So stay tuned !

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