Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am not a Superhuman just a little evolved

Whenever anything bad happens in my family everyone starts questioning and pestering my Mom " Did you see this coming?" Did you know this would be so bad?". Recently when I was suffering from high fever, dehydration, throat infection and taken in for hospitalization my mom was so tensed. When I spoke to her I said Saturn changed on 8th July  and its here to break some more patterns, high fever is better than something severe, and my mom smiled ( I could see that over the phone too :p ) and signed.
Recently my roommate mentioned that whenever she tells her friend that I am a Tarot Reader, excited and inquisitive they start asking about my behaviour, how powerful I am or how different I am" . To which she replies " she is as normal as us"
I loved a comment by one of her friend - "Lucky man, her life is so easy she can foresee things and plan everything accordingly" ! Is it?? Yes, we do foresee and sense things beforehand which can help to plan things but if you start doing that always then wouldn't your life be more calculative? Where would be the fun? Fun is in getting surprised by the life and embracing it. And the Power is the strength of doing that continuously.
I do not have super powers, the power I do have is the understanding and acceptance of The Super Power and how it is omnipresent and available to all of us to harness. The belief in the will power and how we all can manifest our desires and create our life. This is what I believe in and this is what I try to share with everybody.
One more thing when I knew Saturn changes effect can be severe on my health and chances to spend money on medicines is most likely, I got myself admitted, had a nice stay at the hospital on the expense of insurance ;-)
Watch out for my next post where I share the nasty details of what exactly happened and how hospitals can help you heal even when you are surrounded by gazillions bacterias and sad faces!

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