Friday, August 21, 2009

Tarot Reading,just playing cards or psychic

With the increasing uncertainty in today's ever changing world..the quest for answers in increasing both in breadth and depth.

I started doing Tarot when I was supposed to read Osho Zen Tarot Cards in English and translate the same for my Mom then studying Astrology/Tarot/Vastu ,as mom is not that fluent in English.The cards were so beautiful and it took me a month to read ,understand and grasp every card and explain to my mom.i started meditating on them and using them to find answers for my own personal question(questions you cant ask your MOM for solutions;-)). Slowly I started getting MOM astrology clients asking me to do Tarot.I started doing Tarot for free on Orkut..and within months my whole hostel girls started queuing in front of their room.Some seriously asking advice,some out of curiosity and some for the simple reason to find a topic to gossip.

I was amazed when a dear friend of mine ,who while the Tarot Reading session would not tell her question to me and whatever answer I used to give her I had no clue about,and within few weeks she would give me the feedback on my predictions.Mostly positive...

Then the Tarot became my personal advisor.Advising mostly on things like Which subject I need to concentrate more?Who is bitching about me? What does my lover/bf think of me?When would I get job ect ect...

After my initial days of play around with them I started researching on them.Reading about other Tarot cards/their origin/other readers ect.Not before I started meditating on the cards I could feel the energy and liveliness of them..I started enjoying them being a part of my life.Maybe because they were so real and so meaningful.

But I lost them,when I lost my bag on Airport...very tragic.

My mom did gift me another one..Rider and Waite..I have been using them over a year now..still struggling to understand them...but somehow my predictions are mostly correct.

I just bealive GOD is using me to meet people whom he wants to help and say what he wants to tell them.Maybe that's why mostly I don't remember after a reading session what I did tell them..trance..or whatever Tarot is seriously more than just a deck of playing cards

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