Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Wheel of Fortune

Life is in circles and this cards depicts that very strongly.Your "Karma" is in action and based on good/bad points in your account you would be rewarded!

When something doesn't happen as we expect in a relationship and we go into a automatic pilot mode of self self destruction.Depending upon our nature we would either start with beating ourselves up or making other person wrong.Subsequently we would follow it with the other one.

Oh no I am bad..I should have done this,I should not have done that,why can't I just follow whats in the I am not bad...the "other" person is at fault...oh no its life is tough!!
Oh actually "other" person is wrong very wrong..that means I am a fool trusting blindly...oh no world is such a scary place.I am scared...cant live...why me! all happens for good...something good in this also...
YEAH like WHAT!! :-)
Oh the last time that happened...I was crying , it was so painfully but it was for good only.Fine (deep sign) lets see.

You ,your life is totally automatic and you trying to control a machine .Only way it can be done is by re-programming...That means debugging,root cause analysis,refactoring and re-design.

Only way to be at peace is take one moment at a you are flowing.STOP planning and just be.

Tarot can help you understand which platform of this automatic flight you are in and what it would take to see the exit door!
Also if some patterns are repeating in your life, it helps to understand them a lot better.May be whats the lesson you are missing!

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